Technologies at SoSACorp

System-of-systems architecting and engineering is what we do best.
Our approach to technology is centered on solving real world problems today and looking over the horizon to anticipate what our customers should do to position themselves optimally for the future. We partner with our customers to implement vision creation, concept development, requirements analysis, architecture analysis, engineering analysis, trade study, design, and implementation planning.
Our design and development approach applies new and emerging technologies as well as foundational theorems, models, and mathematics into our systems engineering framework. We have a diverse range of experience including technologists working on DARPA programs past and present, large scale Internet development, social and cultural modeling, and operational experience planning and executing in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Model-Enabled Analysis

Our model-enabled analysis activities begin with “mapping” the human domain and developing a comprehensive understanding of the scope of the problem. This involves not only the processes to perform this mapping but also the software tools and infrastructure to support the activity. Mapping these relationships in a dynamic graph is just the start. The second, more challenging requirement is anticipating how the problem, and in particular the human domain aspect, functions and evolves, both in the absence of our actions and as consequences of our actions, using a suite of models and techniques.

We leverage a Model Predictive Control (MPC) technology approach to military and commercial operations planning and execution. MPC provides the mathematical algorithms for an optimized, adaptive “rolling horizon” approach to taking action within the operational space.

Our work addresses these weaknesses by integrating multiple existing and emerging technologies to substantially improve our ability to map, anticipate, and truly understand the evolution of complex conflict environments.

Systems dynamics models, collective bargaining models, statistics and inferences, empirical data analysis, and data science practices.
Predictive models and simulation software that tie together multiple models and problem dimensions to provide planners and analysts with insights.
Graph databases and knowledge modeling tools to facilitate contextualizing the results of the models.

Applied Research and Development Technology

In addition to our core modeling and systems design and engineering practices we have designed and delivered projects in a variety of scientific and technical disciplines. We have a world class roster of employees, advisors, and partners who support our customers and ensure the success of every program.

Autonomous Systems

Concept & process development, unmanned air systems (UAS), swarm systems, and modeling & counter measure analysis.


Concept design and prototyping non-traditional communications systems and approaches.

Signatures and Signal/Image Processing

Application of linear & non-linear, state-of-the-art & next-generation tools and techniques.

Platform Technology

Our approach to platform technology is to apply proven technologies in creative ways to solve problems. We are always on the lookout for reusable components that save our customers time and money and ways to leverage and contribute to the expansive open source community. Our platform tools are designed with flexibility and change in mind and we anticipate the challenges of deploying solutions in challenging environments.
Advanced analytics and machine learning tools.
Distributed high-scale storage and processing frameworks.
Graph data representations and processing frameworks.
Data science tools.
Visualizations for spatial, temporal, graph & numerical data, and model inputs & outputs.