Process Engineering

Data Mining

Product Development


Effects Based Operations

System-of-system analysis & ISR preparation of the battlefield.

Autonomous Systems

Concept & process development, unmanned air vehicles, swarm systems, modeling & analysis.


Concept development, design & prototyping.

Signal & Image Processing

Linear & non-linear, state-of-the-art & next-generation.

Estimation & Control Theory

Concept development, design & prototyping, flight implementation.

Analysis & Modeling

In support of planning & operations, concept development and/or acquisition.

System & System of Systems Architecting & Engineering

Vision creation, concept development, requirements analysis, architecture analysis, engineering analysis, trade study, design, implementation planning.

Customized Computing Architectures

Concept development and prototyping.

Risk Mitigation

Security Systems Architecture

We work with all stakeholders on a project to develop the Systems of Systems architecture relating to all aspects of security. We ensure that all systems work flawlessly together relating to policies, hardware, software, and services.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

We perform TVAs on Critical Infrastructure / Key Recourses (CI/KR) from an adversary’s point of view. These TVAs can be performed on sites, events, individuals, and routes to identify vulnerabilities and to mitigate the risk before they become a problem.

Surveillance & Detection Services & Training

We support “real world” Intelligence Operations for the National Security Community (NSC) and we will also train our customers in these disciplines.

Security Awareness Consulting

We provide Security Awareness services to our customers and their dependents. Our services are derived from “lessons learned” in the field based upon several decades of experience.

Secure Communications Systems

We innovate, design, and build secure communication systems for use by operators in the field to execute the desired tradecraft to avoid detection and improve Operations Security (OPSEC).

Wargaming (Modeling & Simulation)

By wargaming potential solutions, SoSACorp helps our customers better understand the impact of their decisions and future actions. SoSACorp has access to world-class subject matter experts (SMEs) in every discipline imaginable to support wargaming activities.

DIME-HSCB & PMESII Campaigning

Effects Based Operations

System-of-system analysis & ISR preparation of the battlefield and mission analysis.

Synchronized Operations

Concept development and tool prototyping

Electronic Warfare & JSEAD

Modeling & analysis: system, utility, trade-study, concept development & assessment.

Time Critical Targeting

Urban Operations

Concept development & assessment, tool prototyping.

Counter Terrorism

Concept development & assessment, analysis

Information Operations

Concept development and tool design.

Net-Centric Operations

Concept development, tool design & prototyping.

Exercises & Wargames

Conceptualization, design & preparation, conduct & post-event assessment.


National, theater, organic, ground, air, space-borne, IMINT, SIGINT, HUMINT, TCPED concept development & tool prototyping, sensor conceptualization & prototyping, synchronization of ISR with operations.

Mission Utility Analysis

Integrated system simulation, measures of system performance, effectiveness and utility.