Focus Areas

Our work involves a wide range of disciplines that span the government and commercial sectors. Our team brings together decades of experience and diverse backgrounds to form a unique blend of engineering, mathematics, socio-cultural, operational, and system development expertise. Please explore our Technologies and Disciplines sections to learn about the capabilities we apply to these focus areas.

National Security

National security customers are demanding a different breed of solution in todayโ€™s world of optimized budgets and complex problems. SoSACorp is at the forefront of applying revolutionary new approaches to national security challenges as well as operationalizing the current solutions. Our approach combines expertise in operations, modeling, and mathematics with systems engineering and execution. We strive to make a real difference by improving and informing decision-making with the best technology and processes.
  • DIME-HSCB and PMESII Modeling
  • Course of Action Development, Modeling and Assessment
  • Effects Operations and a Systems Approach to ISR
  • Counter Terrorism Concept of Operations Development and Assessment
  • Campaign Design and Execution
  • Design and Execution of Exercise and Wargames
  • Information Operations Design and Assessment
  • Electronic Warfare and JSEAD Development and Assessment
  • Surveillance and Detection Services and Training
  • Security and Systems Architecture


Commercial enterprise system engineering and applied R&D that brings the best practices and technology, learned and developed in national security work, to other problems. The acronyms may be different, however, many of the challenges are the same, whether in a command center or the boardroom. We are working with our customers and partners to apply the most innovative solutions to their problems. Specific areas of expertise include:
  • Risk modeling and assessment
  • Applied computational models for indicators and warnings
  • Data science and data processing
  • Knowledge modeling and model-enabled decision making
  • High-scale collaborative systems


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