What we do

SoSACorp specializes in system-of-systems architecting and engineering, with a focus on sophisticated C4ISR systems and their commercial counterparts.
We support our customers in two distinct ways: as technical intermediaries between them and the high-tech world and, when the high-tech world does not satisfy their needs, as primary researchers and developers. We are recognized as leaders in several critical national security areas including military transformation, counter-terrorism & security, advanced sensing, intelligence analysis, and military planning.
Our customer base is broad and diverse, and includes government agencies, research organizations, prime contractors, and academia.

We are a project-oriented organization. Each of our projects is assigned a manager who is responsible for their project from a management as well as a technical perspective.

Key Leadership

Dr. Gary Citrenbaum

President / Chief Scientist

Dr. John Perrault

Vice President / Chief Technical Officer

MaryAnne Cliff

Vice President / Chief Operations Officer

Richard Cliff

Vice President of Finance

Philip Pridmore-Brown

Director of Software Development